An interactive medical calculator implementing Kenyan basic paediatric protocols.

Designed for use by trained medical staff; Watoto supports Kenyan clinicians to assess nutritional status, approximate certain anatomical attributes and calculate essential drug dosing for paediatric patients; quickly and easily, whilst helping to reduce the likelihood of human error.


Available for Android (iOS unfortunately pending Apple review)


Kenya Basic Paediatric Protocols (4th edition, Febuary 2016)


Built on Facebook's fantastic React-Native framework to provide easy cross-platform support; using understandable web-like markup and modern JavaScript, whilst providing native app look, feel and performance.

We take patient safety very seriously; there are over 1,000 automated tests to help verify that a suitable calculation is made and that it is correctly displayed. That said; nothing can be completely fool-proof, please exercise appropriate professional judgement.

The complete source code (excluding the private distribution certificates), is available on GitHub for complete transparency. Should you wish to contribute or fork (to create another app, for another setting/territory etc), please get in touch.


Should you have an issue with the app, please get in touch


Proudly developed in Kenya by UK volunteers and local doctors
as part of the RCPCH Global Links programme in partnership with the KPA

With grateful support from